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We take pride in understanding the product packaging process from concept to consumer. Our experts help create the right re-closablepackaging solution for every unique situation, and our customers know that we’ll be there all along the way with answers. Everyday, we live up toour reputation of continuous product development, market-leading innovation, and expertise that provides fresh ideas.

Liquid Proof Zippers

Liquid-tight Zipper have dual tracks on opposing sides to keep liquid and viscous contents inside without leaking as standard zippers can be prone to.

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Single & Double Flange Zippers

The majority of our standard Zipper, which is a single & double flange zipper. generally use for making bags & pouches, high intensity, the opening

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Dual Lock Zippers

If you need something strong we offer a Dual Lock with two slots and two tracks for added strength. These are commonly used on large bags or or when package contents

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Powder Proof Zippers

Powder Proof Zipper that allow any powder stuck in the track to simply drop back down into the bag before and during the process of sealing the bag shut.

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Membrane or Tamper Proof Zipper

The closed portion of the zipper is inside the pouch. The customer can access the contents only after tearing the closed section of the zipper.

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Tear Zippers

This zipper is concealed under a tear-away strip that serves as a tamper evident cover. Contents are filled from the top and sealed above the zipper so that

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Slider Zippers

Slider zippers are a convenient means of reclosing packaging. Consumers enjoy the ease and speed of sliding the bag shut, and the visual confirmation that their

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String Zipper

It should be soft without compromise on lock strength and same open ability. Cutting should be easier while bag making. Zip should not

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